Operating Engineers 324 in Labor Day Parade

On Monday, September 5th, Operating Engineers 324 joined other labor unions, politicians, working people and partners from around the state to take part in the annual Labor Day parade in Detroit.   The parade route runs from Michigan and Trumbull in Detroit’s oldest neighborhood to Cobo Center.

Many of the companies that partner with OE324 on projects graciously ‘loan’ the Heavy Duty equipment operated by the members on work sites to the parade for the day.  This provides parade-watchers a glimpse at the kinds of machines Operating Engineers use daily, and offers a spectacular alternative to the traditional parade float.  As the skilled tradespeople navigate the parade route with these impressive vehicles, participants and watchers alike get a better feel for the work being done everyday around the state to better lives.

OE324 is grateful for the kindness of our partners, and their generosity, is supplying the equipment, and working with us to build a better tomorrow.