Sylvania Minerals Hosts Solid Rock Church Group Tour

On Saturday, September 16, 2017, Sylvania Minerals hosted the Solid Rock Church group at our South Rockwood quarry. Most of the group was made up of children who will be in Sunday School, where Kathy Bouren will be teaching a lesson on “Mining the World”.

The day began with a safety briefing followed by an overview of local geology, the mining process and the many benefits of mining. Next, the group watched haul trucks dump and see the primary crusher in action; observing how quickly the crusher reduces the size of the stone. A brief plant tour followed. The day wrapped up with a mineral hunt in the quarry with Keith Childress or “Mr. Keith”, Quality Control  Manager at Sylvania Minerals, and tour guide who helped members of the group extract minerals and fossils using a rock hammer and a pick.

This is the second year Sylvania Minerals hosted the group. The quarry tour program is educational and informative for both children and adults.